Monday, October 5, 2009

To Gustavvson or not to Gustavvson. That is the Gustavvson.

The Conga line of Anti-Toskala Propaganda Officially started on September 27th 2009 at 9:49 PM. This was when the Leafs capped off a 6-3 preseason with a 7-6 loss to Buffalo. This got the radio shows buzzing with people calling for Gustavvson to start the first game of the season Vs Montreal. There was never really any belief that Ron Wilson would start anyone other then Toskala, because as Wilson stated before, the Starting position is his (Toskala's) to lose. Well now we are two games into the regular season, and especially after the 6-4 loss to Ovechkin and and his entourage (the Caps) the Anti-Toskala rhetoric has hit brand new highs. I have even heard several people call into Leafs Lunch and say that Toskala should be waived down to the minors and we should have Gustavvson as starter with McDonald as backup.

In Saturdays loss to Washington, there was a few notable things that took place. The first was Toskala letting in 3 goals on 8 shots, including the first shot of the game, for a .625 SV%. The second notable thing was Jonas "The Monster" Gustavvson making his regular season debut when Toskala was pulled after the first period. Starting your first regular season game in the second period and down 3-0 is anything but ideal. However, Gustavvson made a number of nice saves but eventually allowed 3 goals in the second period. He didn't let in any goals in the third, while making some key saves to give his teammates a chance to get back in the game. Gustavvson allowed 3 goals on 18 shots.

Now the question of who do you start next must be posed. The next game is Tuesday Vs Ottawa. Do you start the struggling Veteran, or the yet to be properly tested rookie?

I am of the opinion that it would be in the best interests of the Leafs to start Gustavvson Vs Ottawa. There was much talk in the media during the off season about how we could expect an improved Toskala this year because of the pressure on him to perform with Gustavvson gunning for his job, with this being the final year of his contract, and because his groin is now healthy. Clearly, for whatever reason, this has yet to happen. He has been unable to make key saves, he has looked slow and out of position, and he seems shaken and without confidence.

Putting Gustavvson in would have a number of positives. 1) It would relate to Toskala how dire the threat of him losing his job due to poor performance is. He would get to come into the ACC on Tuesday knowing he was not starting that day but still have to dress up and sit on the bench to watch Gustavvson and his team play without him. This should have a big effect on Toskala, and if he doesn't like that feeling you can guarantee he would practice and play his heart out the next couple of days/weeks. 2) Starting Gustavvson would allow us to properly assess what kind of skills he has. He would get his chance to prove that he is the one who should be the starting goalie-not Toskala-and even if he doesn't kick ass (which he will) it will be a good experience for him and Toskala.

I think there is a very strong possibility Gustavvson will start Vs Ottawa, because for the first time since the Buffalo 7-6 loss, when Ron Wilson was asked if Toskala would start next game, instead of saying yes right away he said "We will review the tapes and make our decision" this does not exude confidence in Toskala, and if he already had his mind made up that Gustavvson was starting I don't think he would have said so at that time.

So Gustavvson starting has my Vote, however, regardless of how good or bad Gustavvson plays, I would put Toskala in next game to see how he reacts and to not make it look like we have no faith in him at all.

Sorry for the abbreviated / lazy post, have been really busy but I will start posting daily again tomorrow, and they will be of much better quality.

what do you guys think? Toskala or Gustavvson on Tuesday?

here is todays video, i call it, the essence of truculence.

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  1. JM (leaf fan stuck in ottawa)October 5, 2009 at 10:48 AM

    Toskala plz. kthxbai.