Friday, October 9, 2009

Leafs Vs Penguins Game Preview

Toronto Maple Leafs

Games played: 3
Record: 0-2-1
Points: 1
Standings: 15th (last) in Eastern Conference
Goals for: 8
Goals for Per Game: 2.667
Goals against: 12
Goals against per game: 4.0

So the greatest team in the frigging Universe is playing host to the Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins tonight. This game is very important to the Leafs, and probably more so then it is to Pittsburgh. Starting the season with 3 loses in a row means there is pressure from above and from the fans to perform. After Tuesday nights pillow fight Vs Ottawa, this pressure has been intensified. After that game, Coach Ron Wilson was not happy, and when Ron Wilson isn't happy, someone is cooked. Literally. After making all the players who didn't have third degree burns do a "Bag Skate" He expect more effort in tonight's game. Another question mark going into tonight's game is the status of Viktor Stalberg and Jonas Gustavsson. Stalberg was the victim of a vicious but legal open ice hit Tuesday. He left the game immediately and did not return. There has been no official word from the Leafs on whether it is a Concussion or not, but he has not returned to practice and it is hoped he will be okay for Monday nights game Vs the Rangers. Jonas Gustavsson aggravated his groin during his first NHL start on Tuesday. He is expected to be out for at least a week and has been placed on the Injured Reserve List. Due to this, Joey McDonald has been recalled from the AHL and will play backup.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Games played: 4
Record: 3-1
Points: 6
Standings: 1st in Eastern Conference
Goals for: 12
Goals for Per Game: 3.0
Goals against: 12
Goals against per game: 3.0

The Pittsburgh Penguins are leading the Eastern Conference with 3 wins 1 loss and 6 points in 4 games. After winning the Stanley Cup last season, anything less then a return of the Cup to Pittsburg would be considered a failure. With young stars who should be even better then last year, like: Evgeni Malkin, Sidney Crosby, Marc-Andre Fleury, and Jordan Staal, They definitely have the skill for a repeat performance. Taking this into account, Tonight's game should be a battle for a ages. Will Pittsburgh's overwhelming skill and speed subdue Toronto? Or will Toronto Karate Chop it's ways to victory? Only time will tell, but expect Toronto to fight like a cornered animal, because they really don't want to be 4-0 to start the season with their next game Vs the Rangers.


- Toskala plays adequately. Lets in 3 goals but makes some spectacular saves
- Blake demoted to third line
- Rosehill is back
- Truculence makes a comeback
- Fleury is not very good in goal for Pittsburgh
- Komisarek, Beauchemin and Schenn all play much better, Wilson agrees in post game.
- I will be at the game and will win the thing where they pick someone to move to platinum seat.
- Brian Burke doesn't Smile when the Leafs win in overtime/shootout.
- 4-3 Leafs
- This


  1. Hey dude
    The only thing in agreement is the picture of Sid the Cry Baby Kid , The boy is like that after he wins , you should see him when he loses.

    The leafs dont have a hope in hell of wining a period never mind the game.

    The only way youll see a portion of the ice from the Platinum seats , is during intermision when I go the crapper and talk shop with ...

  2. At this point, I'd settle to see Truculence.

    Enjoy the Jonas Bros!