Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Leafs Vs Avalanche Recap

Start of Period One

-Bozak takes opening faceoff

-Stalberg is friggin fast

-McDonald shouldnt play the puck.

-there is a pretty fast pace to this game, no whistle yet 5 minutes in.

-McDonald already made more saves in 5 minutes then toskala has this whole year.

-Leafs aggressively forechecking like Wilson wanted.

- Orr just beat the snot out of Koci who is a lot bigger then him.

-Leafs TV is giving me a headache with all the camera changes... its was a 3 on 2 for Colorado and just as the guy passes it they change angles and zoom in and i completely missed the play. just use one camera, and zoom the fuck out!

-Leafs Penalty. Good job Blake. Hes lucky they got the wrong person and gave it to Mayers .Not sure why Hagman was benched after Blakes game last night.

- We should get rid of Toskala and put White in net after that save.

-Leafs are incapable of clearing the puck on the penalty kill.

-WOW another god damn penalty. Good one Ponikarovsky, what a stupid penalty. It will 1-0 Colorado in about 1 minute

-Tucker kicked ass

-1-0 Colorado. Told ya so. Someone please tell every commentator for the Leafs that they don't need to make an excuse for every single goal scored on the Leafs.

-Powerplay for the Leafs. Bozak doing a good job going to the net.

-No goal on the Powerplay. A couple of good chances, especially by Grabovski, he was doing it all on the powerplay. He should keep playing like that.

-plenty of chances, but no goals. Just like every game thus far.

-Rosehill can really hit and he forechecks hard. Mayers on the other hand, is clearly retarded.

-2-0 Colorado. a weak goal.

-The booing begins. it should be louder, let em hear how pissed you are

End of Period One

- McDonald didn't have that many shots, he made a couple of saves, but let in two weak goals. He basically looked the same as Toskala.

-The forwards were much better then previous games, but cant score

-The defense was pretty much the exact same as last nights game.

-Whole team has to work on clearing the puck and has to stop taking stupid penalties.

Start of Period Two

-Leafs with good pressure in Colorado's zone. But Mayers doesn't understand the concept of using your stick to put the puck in the net.

-Powerplay for the Leafs after the Av's almost make it 3-0

- 2-1 Colorado as Leafers score on PP. Beauchemin slapshot from the point and Stalberg tipped it in I think.

-Honestly. Komisarek is stupid. He takes a penalty less then 30 seconds after the Leafs score. Bench him.

- 3-1. Avalanche score on the PP. Tucker scores after Beauchemin gets deked. GJ Komisarek.

- The avalanche goalie just beat the crap out of Rosehill and no call. wow. What a joke

-Leafs have no momentum now.

- 4-1 Fucking pathetic. Im stopping this summary as i just dont give a fuck anymore. I hope the fans boo the Leafs off the ice. Mayers, Blake, And Komisarek suck balls. I hope I dont hit anybody on the way down.

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