Monday, October 12, 2009

Leafs Vs Rangers Recap

Tonight, I will write a summary of each period at the end of that Period.

First Period 2-1 Leafs.

-So Far Toskala is playing much better then in previous games. He has come up with some big saves and the first goal was definately not his fault. However, he would like a Mulligan on the second goal.

- Grabovski and Hagman started on a line with Mayers. Blake and Stajan started on a line with Rosehill. Im not sure I really like what Wilson is doing here and I think the last two games have proved it isnt working. Mayers especially has proven he has no discernable skill other then punching people in the face, and I dont know why he has a stick, because he doesnt use it. Rosehill at least has some skill when it comes to scoring and passing. By the end of the period, Wilson had Grabovski, Hagman and Kulemin playing together, and they were really creating scoring chances.

-The Leafs are really having trouble getting the puck out of their own end. After the Penguins game, Wilson said he might have to practise clearing the puck for the first time. Personally I think the Leafs have struggled mightily with clearing the puck all of last year and this year, so im not sure why he is practising it for the first time now.

-Komisarek takes his second Highsticking penalty. He is once again overexuberant while battling infront of the net, and ends up putting the Leafs down 2 men, leading to a goal.

- Blake and Mayers continue with the constant giveaways.

-Stempniak, Grabovski, Kulemin were the best forewards.

-Beauchemin was the best defensemen, except for sortof just lying their on the first goal, but overall his last two games are much improved.

End of First Period. 2-1 NY


Start of Second Period

- 3-1 Rangers. HORRIBLE goal. Toskala reacted so slowly that he looked blind and stoned at the same time. Announcers again making excuses for Toskala just like nearly every goal ever scored on him.

-Another penalty to the Leafs 1 minute after going down two goals again. White for tripping, because he was out of position.

-Leafs kill Penalty.

- 5 minutes later announcers still making excuses for the goal Toskala sucked on.

-Rosehill is really hitting hard tonight.

-Leafs getting chances but miss the net alot or there is a great save. Seems to be the case this year.

-I dont understand why TSN zooms the camera in so much so we can see the person skating with the puck and nothing else. CBC does it the most.

-Orr still playing with Blake and Stajan. He just realized which net was New York's

-Two huge chances by Grabovski and Stempniak. Lundquist plays like Toskala if Toskala actually played the way he is paid too.

-Leafs have three lines which can score, with Blake-Stajan-Rosehill, then Grabovski-Kulemin-Hagman then Mitchell-Ponikarovski-Stempniak, and finally the fourth line of Orr-Wallin-Mayers. This may explain the playing of the tough guys up front. but Wilson is changing it up constantly.

-Gaborik is friggin shifty.

-Damn nice play by Grabovski, then Kulemin hits the post, then Hagman takes a Penalty "Exactly 198 feet away from the Leafs net".

-I wish Wilson would actually bench people for stupid penalties.

-Leafs kill off another penalty.

-Leafs Powerplay.

-If leafs lose this game it will be the first time losing 5 games in straight to start the season.

-Jason blake appears to be benched for sucking.

-Another leafs powerplay when Beauchemin gets his stick broken. He is lucky a penalty was called against NY because he was complaining to the ref while the game was on and the puck goes right by him and it would have been a 3 on 1.

-Blake Scores. 3-2 NY. Bad angle shot on PP. should be from White and Grabovski.

-Announcers think Blake purposely shot in that tiny little hole on purpose. Concidering he had the worst Shooting Percentage of anyone on the leafs with more then 2 goals last year, I repectfully disagaree.

-Leafs have to try and prevent a goal being scored right after getting it close again. the Last 3 goals the leafs scored going back to the Pittsburg game were followed by a goal against within 2 minutes.

-Leafs powerplay with 40secs left in period.

-Beauchemin makes a fucking retarded pinch, Leading to a 2-1 shorthanded rush. No goal but Toskala is hurt. Blake is getting a stupid ass penalty after being being benched untill 3 minutes ago. Beauchemin continues with the inoportune pinches. Can you tell 1) im pissed off 2) I dont like blake?

-Again, Grabovski and Stempniak were the best forwards, both getting tons of great chances but Lundquist was making even better saves.

- No Defensemen really stood out, they all made mistakes, expect for mabye Kaberle, he also had some real nice long passes.

-Toskala's second period was not as good as his first but better then the last 3 games he played.

-The second period as a whole, was much better for the Leafs then the first. It is hard to shake this feeling that if the Leafs were getting the same goaltending as the teams they would be above .500

End of Second period. 3-2 NY

-In the intermission the announcers are still making excuses for Toskala's weak goal.

Start of Third Period

- period starts 4 on 4

- Finger does a nice job stopping Higgins 1 on 1

- I am pretty sure i can smell Madison Square Gardens from here.

- Rangers score. Toskala sucks big ones. Schenn with a giveaway, but the announcers manage to blame it on Grabovski. Toskala should have had the goal but of couse its not his fault.

-4-2 NY

-5-2 NY, Toskala really fucking sucks. he was way out of position. Mitchell the centreman was way far away from where he should have been.

-Mayers with a nice giveaway

-Schenn is a big strong man but refuses to use his strength to take the puck from avery

- instead of watching the play, Sportsnet decides it would be more interesting to watch Schenn step onto the bench and sit down.

- Toskala makes a save. Mark your Calender, ill go pick up a cake.

- it would be 6-2 but this goal was kicked in.

- I am so tired of the announcers making excuses for every single mistake.

- Kulemin and Grabovski really click together, and Hagman is a nice compliment to the way they play.

- I think Finger just killed brian Boyle with a really LOUD hit. Either that or Kyle Wellwoods belt finally burst.

- Jamal Mayers just used his stick for the first time in his career for something other then spearing someone.

- 6-2 NY. Toskala is really pathetic. He is just so inconsistent, he makes some nice saves, but then stinks it up. coming into this game, he was 4.98 GAA, now its above 5.

- Another 2 on 1, it would have been a goal because Toskala was actually inside of his net, but the Ranger player fanned on the one timer.

- Another great chance for the Grabovski-Kulemin line but L undquist is too good. Blake takes another retarded penalty.

- 6-2 NY. A weak ass shot leads to a massive rebound by Toskala right to Avery. You know a goalie sucks when Sean Avery scores two weak goals in one game.

- NY almost scores from the middle of the Ice.

End of Third Period. 7-2 NY


- Toskala started strong, ended pathetically. 7 Goals allowed tonight, and a 5.3 GAA this year.

- You can bet you balls that Joey McDonald will play tomorrow Vs Colorado.

- Best line was Grabovski-Kulemin-Hagman.

- Blake and Mayers were the worst Leafs.

- The defense did not make as many obvious mistakes like giveaways as other games, but had plenty of breakdowns. Toskala couldnt help them though.

- Schenn and Beauchemin are playing better then at the beginning of the year.

- the argument that it is still early in the season doesnt hold any water. 1 of a possible 10 points is not justifiable.

- Stupid Penalties + worst penalty killing + Toskala = zero wins in 5 games.

- Nick Kypreos is a asshole.

- Stalberg will be back tomorrow.

- Bill Waters agree Blake sucks and plays like he is brain damaged. He says Bale should be with the Marlies. "Mabye if we are lucky Blake will be claimed from waivers"

- Soon Burke/Wilson will make sure heads will roll.

- If being tough is so important why do the Leafs lead the NHL for fights but are last in points?

- The Leafs just cant get any luck when it comes to scoring goals. they are hitting posts, having shots blocked and playing against good goalies.

- After the game Wilson said Toskala didnt think he could have saved any of those goals. I'm pretty sure he wasn't joking.

Sorry about the mostly negative comments tonight, but it was pretty much unavoidable. I was trying to cover what I saw and that was mostly negative.

Come back tonight, where I will do this again for the Leafs Vs Colorado game where the Leafs will get their first win of the season because McDonald will be in net.

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