Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Good Old Days-The Way I Remember Them. Part 1

It wasnt very long ago that the Leafs had higher expectations for their seasons then just making the playoffs. Players like Gilmour, Clark, Potvin, Sundin, Mogilny, Tucker, and CuJo all had one goal; to win the Stanley Cup. Anything less then winning Hockey's ultimate prize was considered failure. While we never "Succeded" in that regard, there was many a good memories and plenty of good players.

Here is some of the players from the Leafs recent history. The way I remember them.

back in the 1990's there was two things you could count on if you were going to a leaf game. The floor of Maple Leaf Gardens would be covered in some unknown sticky substance, and Wendel would make sure atleast one of the other teams players would finish the game with less teeth then they started with.

Recently i was wondering just how Wendel managed to beat the shit out of players night after night, for so long. Then I remembered that he had chainsaw hands.

Next up we have Darcy Tucker. Tucker went through varying levels of popularity while in Toronto. He was instrumental during the annual beatdown of Ottawa in the playoffs, when he would hit anything that moved. But he was bought out because he could not live upto his massive contract. The only thing that stayed the same about Tucker from when he arrived untill when he left was how deranged he was.

That is it for today. I will post the other 6 Tomorrow. Mabye Sergei Berezin or Gary Valk will stop by for a visit.

I think i forgot to post a video yesterday, but here is todays, its Brian Burke on Off The Record with Michael Landsberg

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