Thursday, October 22, 2009

Leaf Jokes

Hi Friends.

I have not had time to write any posts this week, but will write one tonight, and then tomorrow (friday) i will write a preview for the Leafs-Canucks game and then i will do a live summary as the game is going on.

for now, here are some Leaf jokes that were in the Toronto Star today, as well as some others I came across.


-Why doesn't Hamilton have an NHL team? Because then Toronto would want one

-What do the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Argonauts and the Toronto Blue Jays all have in common besides being based in Toronto ?
None of them can play hockey.

-The Leafs have decided to play all of their games underwater in future. Apparently there are 20,000 leagues under the sea and they hope they can find one they can win in.

-Two guys are camping out in the Muskokas, sitting around a fire at night and relaxing. Suddenly one of them sits bolt upright and shouts "DAMMIT! The Leafs lost!" His friend, impressed with his friends psychic ability asked "How do you know?" His friend replied, "It's after 10:00pm."

- Whats the difference between a Triangle and the Toronto Maple Leafs? a Triangle has 3 points.

-Why did Vesa Toskala interrupt two people having sex? He wanted to know what it felt like to stop someone from scoring.

-What does the Leafs and the Titanic have in common? They both look great until they hit the ice!

-What did the Leaf fan do after the Leafs won the Stanley Cup? He turned off his PlayStation.

-What do the Leafs and Tampons have in common? they are only good for one period.

-What does Mike Komisarek and Timmins, Ontario have in common? They are both Minus 25 come Christmas.

- Why did Brian Burke insulate his house? Because he didnt like the Draft

-Two friends die in a car accident during a terrible snow storm. They arrive in Hell and the Devil begins their punishment by turning up the heat very high. But the two friends are not in any pain, in fact they appear happy. The Devil asks why are they happy and they respond that they are from Canada and it's nice to be around warm weather. The Devil turns the heat even higher, still nothing. He then decides to lower the temperature in Hell as much as possible, thinking that the two friends could not bear such coldness. Instead he finds them happier than ever and jumping for joy. "It's freezing here!", says the Devil "Why are you two so happy??" One of the friends replies, "Hell just froze over! The Leafs won the Stanley Cup!"

-Hockey Night in Canada is concidering dropping the Leafs from its national broadcast and showing the Leafs in Ontario only. actually thats not a joke, it was reported today in the Toronto Sun.

End of Jokes

also, I wanted to point out that I am an avid Leafs fan, which is why I write a Leaf Blog but I wanted to brighten up the mood a bit concidering the start to the season. However we have to remember that the plight of the Leafs is not amusing after what's happened with Vesa Toskala this morning. I appreciate we are all down on the team but when a player becomes suicidal from their performance (and the media's response to it) then we should all rally together behind him. As most of you know, Toskala tried to commit suicide last night, by standing on the train tracks just south of Dupont. Thankfully, the train went through his legs.

Thats all folks

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