Saturday, October 24, 2009

Leafs Vs Canucks Preview

Toronto Maple Pwners

Games played: 7
Record: 0-6-1
Points: 1
Standings: 15th (last) in Eastern Conference
Goals for: 14
Goals for Per Game: 2.00
Goals against: 32
Goals against per game: 4.57


Vancouver Fuckinsucks

Games played: 9
Record: 4-5-0
Points: 8
Standings: 12th in Western Conference
Goals for: 26
Goals for Per Game: 2.89
Goals against: 27
Goals against per game: 3.00

The much anticipated only visit to Vancouver by the Leafs this season, goes down tonight. Both teams have struggled out of the gate, with the Leafs having the advantage in the struggling department. A number of circumstances have come together to meet at this game to likely make it worth watching, and they are: 1) The Leafs trying to get their first win of the season to break a 7 game losing streak 2) the Leafs haven't played for 7 days, so the withdrawls are getting bad 3) the love triangle of Brian Burke-Ron Wilson-Mike Gillis which culminated in tampering allegations and a Vagina full of sand for Gillis 4) when Toronto comes to town Vancouver gets excited because it means people outside of BC will actually give a shit about what happens 5) we can see how fat the Anthropomorphic gelatinous blob know as kyle Wellwood has become.

This game is especially important for the Leafs, who - as mentioned before - are win less this season and are hoping the week long break will allow them to "reset" and "start fresh". To facilitate the pressing of the reset button, Ron Wilson has tried to make the team forget their trials and tribulations by having fun. This week the Leafs had a Halloween party and a 3 on 3 tournament in hopes of forging brotherly bonds. This game (more so then the last 5) signifies a potential turning point for the Leafs, as it marks the beginning of a 5 game road trip. Should they come out tonight and play a strong game while getting a win, the stage could be set for a successful road trip which could catapult them back into playoff contention. However, if they pull a Wellwood and literally choke, it could be a lonnng road trip.

Vancouver started out their season rather rocky by losing the first three games. When Montreal came to town, it was the battle of the most pathetic fans in hockey, which Vancouver won 7-1, thus getting the season rolling and then winning 3 of the next 5. A question mark so far this season for the laughably named Canucks has been Roberto Luongo. After signing a 12 year extension in the off season, Luongo started off the season poorly until he was pelted with granola and "Save the baby Seals" keychains by Canuck fans. Since then Luongo has returned too his usual form and hopes to continue to remain strong tonight.

Former Leaf Kyle Wellwood has also had a suspect start to his season. With 1 assist zero goals in 9 games, it's clear he's still as useless today as he was in Toronto. Wellwood was actually in Toronto recently when he thought he smelled Bacon. Alas, it was just Jason Blake being pan fried.

Tune in after the game, where I will post my notes that I will take as the Leafs play.

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