Thursday, September 24, 2009

Toronto Maple Leafs 2009-10 Season Preview

With the Leafs playing their 5th game of a 9 game preseason schedule tonight (they lost 3-2 to Buffalo tonight, I thought it would be a perfect time to do a writeup of what i expect from the Maple Leafs this 2009-10 season.

Predicting the outcome of something as complicated as a hockey season or how many points a player will get in that season is not easy in the least, as evidenced by Howard Berger Predicting that in the 08-09 season, the Leafs would be last in the NHL and the Canadians would win the cup.
With that being said, i will give it my best shot.

Point Predictions:


Gather from this what you will, I wont go into to much detail, but clearly you can see I dont think Kadri will stick in the Bigs this year, He might play a couple of regular season games but not much more then 5 or 6. When it comes to the NCAA kids (Stalberg, Bozak, Hanson), I believe they wont play full seasons but will likely finish the season with the Leafs, and manage to put up some pretty respectful numbers for rookies. I expect Kulemin, Mitchell and Tlusty all to increase their production to varying degrees, with Mitchell having the smallest increase, although I wouldn't mind being proven wrong.

Next I will put my predictions for the Eastern Conference Standings:

1) Washington 107 Pts
2) Boston 104 Pts
3) Pittsburgh 102 Pts
4) Philadelphia 99 Pts
5) New york R's 93 Pts
6) New Jersey 90 Pts
7) Montreal 90 Pts
8) Toronto 88
9) Carolina 85 Pts
10) Buffalo 85 Pts
11) Florida 81 Pts
12) Ottawa 80 Pts
13) Tampa Bay 77 Pts
14) Atlanta 77 Pts
15) New York I's 72 Pts

Well, these are my predictions for how the Eastern Conference will shape up. With the teams being as close togeather as they are from 6th spot to 12th spot, the margin of error is obviously very small, and because of that it the Leafs will probably end up somewhere between 6th and 10th, but hopefully in the playoffs. For the sake of those two First round picks.

I also expect Montreal to finish ahead of us (Blasphemy I know!) because even though the ompaloompas from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory could beat them up, they have quite a skilled team, and if they manage to get some Chemistry going, and Price plays well, we might have to go Bobby Clarke on them.

I expect Ottawa to continue their trend of being the most pathetic team in Ontario. While some people claim it was a coup getting rid of Healtey for Michalek and Cheechoo, because Heatley didn't want to play there (who would?) I still think their team is worse off , and thus, will finish below the Leafs and out of the playoffs.

That's it for today folks, I know leave you with a video of humorous hockey happenings. Feel free to post your predictions in the Comment box below.


  1. For some reason I just see Tomas Kaberle having a solid seasom this year. He's not injured(at the moment, /prays) and he's playing in a brand new locker room culture with new skill players to pass to.

    Having Beauchemin on his point and Kessel stalking the opposing team's netminders should result in a higher points increase, IMO...57-65 points is my bold prediction.

  2. i hope you are right, I fell pretty confident his production will increase over last year, but predicting how much is the tricky part.