Monday, September 21, 2009


Hey everyone!

My name is Alex, and this is TrucuLeafs, the newest inhabitant of the Barilkosphere.

TrucuLeafs consists of Alex N and Peter B, the Dynamic Duo of online blogging.

Alex's parents were both microbiologists, and while on expedition in the Canadian Arctic, they became stranded on Baffin island for 11 months, and as it turns out, Alex was both conceived and born there. You can imagine the surprise when an science expeditions airplane went down with 7 people aboard, but came home with 8.

Alex, that little colicky baby who was born among the snow, was named after the legendary explorer shackleton's famous dog who single-handedly took down a caribou and dragged it back too camp, thereby saving its masters life, who was slowly starving too death, after running out of food.

Peter-the better half of the Dynamic Duo-by comparison, has lived a more humble existence.
Born in NewYork in 1969, he was drawn too hockey at a young age, and due too his habit of surrounding himself with shady characters, convicts, and others considered the scum of society, it was natural that he became a Montreal Canadians fan.

Later in life, Peter got his act togeather, he got rid of the bad influences, got a job, found religion, and most importantly, repented, for breaking the commandment of "Thou shall not covet shitty teams" , and ever since he has been a born again Leafs fan.

in 1993, Peter became acquainted with Steve Stavro--the Former owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs-- when he was working as a stable boy and unbeknownst too him, Mr. Stavro was coming by too look at some horses he was concidering buying. Being the die hard Leafs fan Peter was, he recognized Stavro right away, and within 10 minutes, Peters comedic genius won Stavro over and they quickly hit it off. eventually, Stavro got peter a job as a Equiptment consultant at the Air Canada Centre, and he continued there until Stavro parted with the leafs in 2003. During his time there, Peter got too know a number of people in the upper echelon of the Maple Leafs, and this relationship continues today, and thanks too it, there will be rumor updates on TrucuLeafs.

Our plan here at TrucuLeafs, is to bring a new and unique view to the Barilkosphere, and Chronicle our Beloved leafs return to Glory, with at minimum 3 posts per week, and eventually get upto one post per day.


-Alex and Peter


  1. Good thing that dog got a caribou as the brains of the caribou is a good source of Vitiamin C thereby helping its owner to prevent scurvy.