Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stop pretending you know more then Brian Burke, and prove it!

The game is called Trophy Hockey, and it is completely free. Iit is a game where you become the General Manager and Coach of a Hockey Team.

First you choose what Country and league you would like to compete in.

for example, Canada goes from 5.27 to 1.1. 1.1 is the highest league in Canada with the best teams and players.

then you choose which team in the league you want too be coach/gm of.

the league is set up the same as the NHL with 32 teams, 16 per conference and 4 per division. top team in each division is seeded 1,2,3,4 in the playoffs and in total 16 teams go to playoffs, 8 per conference. so it is exact same as NHL.

the season has 40 games which last about 10 weeks in total, and there is about 3games every 5 days with only 1 game on any given day.

on the days off it is a training day,m where your players are trained by the assistant coaches you hire, who have differing amounts of skill, and that means they train your players different amounts.

Your players also age, so they get drafted when they are between 17 and 20, and they play from when you draft them, if you choose to put them into your line up. when they turn 29ish, they start to lose skill points on training days instead of gain them because they are old, however, the older a player is the more experience he should have, and experience is important in this game. just like the real NHL.

You also hire Scouts, as well as Assistant Coaches. the scouts also have differing amounts of skills, and this means when you send them to scout players they can get more info per trip the higher skilled they are.

the draft is the same as the NHL so when the season is over the worst teams get the first picks.

You can also get players through trading with other human coaches, from your country or from different country's. or you can sign free agents.

Your coach also can get skills.

when you gain experience and Reputation, you go up levels, and each time you go up a level you get skill points too add too different attributes which give you all sorts of boosts to stuff like your wage negotiation skill, your defensive and offensive coaching skill, your media management skill, and many more.

There is also a page where you set your lines, your PK and PP lines, the lines Time on Ice, the style they play with, I.E defensive, very defensive, offensive, very offensive, there is a place where you choose special plays for your lines like dump and chase and crash the net. you can also choose if you want your lines to hit hard, soft, very soft or brutally hard. and you can set all of these things individually for each line, so you can tailor them too your liking,

there is about 10000000 more things in this game such as the sponsors who give you money each season, and give you bonus if you meet their challenges like making the finals etc, or there is the salary Cap, and they also want to implement farm teams. so come check it out and sign up, and the game is relatively new, so new features are added almost weekly.

you should join now, because the season is over in a couple of days and you haven't time to get used to the game for the new season. ubut dont worry the season is still on right now but you can still join and pick a team andplay.

and if you have any questions feel free too ask, also if you sign up i will add you on my list and we can trade players and stuff.

Heres the link: TROPHYHOCKEY

p.s what are your favorite FREE ONLINE GAMES? post them in the comments.

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